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Posté par le Jul 22, 2013 dans Hong Kong |

Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

A lot of people who travel to Hong Kong are probably thinking “What are the best Hong Kong tourist attractions?”. Well, I’ve created this page to try to address that question.

First of all, I feel that it’s better not to think of Hong Kong in terms of “sight-seeing”. There are not so many things that you absolutely need to see as there are experiences to be had!

There are so many great things about Hong Kong that I don’t know if any short list can do them justice, but I hope this page can be some inspiration to folks who are going on vacation. If you want more details about anything, please follow the links to the more in-depth descriptions.

Victoria Peak

As far as Hong Kong tourist attractions go, if there is one sight that you really ought to see, it’s this one!

Victoria Peak is without a doubt the most visited tourist spot in the city. Especially on clear days, the view of the metropolis below is absolutely spectacular and is a popular motive for postcards and such. Getting a picture of yourself up here is a definite must (if for no other reason, then just because other people who have been to Hong Kong will be shocked if they find out you never went to the top)!


Speaking of the view, what makes it so astounding are the many tall and often very cool-looking buildings. The Hong Kong skyline is so unique that I decided to write a separate page about it to present some of the tallest and most remarkable skyscrapers.

Victoria Harbour

Of course, what really makes the skyline so great is the wonderful harbour that splits through the middle of the city. Don’t miss fully taking in the view of Victoria Harbour, for example by taking a ride on the Star Ferry!

Food & Nightlife

I have always said that people who travel to Hong Kong really ought to try out the Hong Kong food at some of the local-style restaurants. I understand that there’s some chance that you may not like the food (although I sincerely doubt it!), but any self-respecting traveller needs to at least try it out!
In particular, you should definitely try to get your hands on the local specialty, known as dim sum! But Hong Kong has food from the world over as well as different regional Chinese cuisines.

If you’re looking to have a good time in the evening the city will definitely not disappoint with its many bars and nightclubs in places like Tsim Sha Tsui and especially Lan Kwai Fong. Central is also home to a lot of restaurants, including a whole bunch up in Soho.


What about the many exciting forms of shopping in Hong Kong? Is this one of the top Hong Kong tourist attractions? A lot of people sure seem to think so! This is especially true of rich people from other parts of China, for whom Hong Kong has become an absolute shopping Mecca, which simply requires occasional pilgrimages.

Here you can experience the very different retail climates of separate areas, like the crowded streets of Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui, the cheap street markets of Mong Kok, or the luxurious glamour glitz of Central.

Theme Parks

Hong Kongs offers not one but two of the world’s most popular amusement parks!

On the one hand, there is Hong Kong Disneyland, and what kid wouldn’t be delighted to visit Mickey Mouse and all his friends? This park is a huge hit particularly with the people who travel here from the mainland and is going through a serious expansion.

On the other hand, the locals seem to enjoy Ocean Park even more! This is an older establishment which has been beloved by the locals for decades. As the name would suggest, this park has an aquatic theme. As such, it doubles as a bit of an animal park. The exhibits focus on sea-living creatures, but there are land animals here as well.


Are you the type who likes to get out into the great outdoors and see nature’s wonders once in a while? Although not known as one of the top Hong Kong tourist attractions, the nature here is beautiful.

Since it’s so well-known for its hectic city life, many people don’t even realise all that Hong Kong nature has to offer, with zoos, parks and beaches. In fact, 40% of Hong Kong consists of national parks.

Would you like to know where you can find Hong Kong’s only pandas? Or do you just want to read about the options for doing some relaxing suntanning at the beaches of the South China Sea? Either way, this page tries to provide the travel information you need.

The Big Buddha

Among the newer Hong Kong tourist attractions we find the Tian Tan Buddha, or “Big Buddha”. It is located at Po Lin monastery out on the western island of Lantau, not too far from Hong Kong International Airport, where you are likely to begin your Hong Kong travel. Indeed, if you are very lightly packed, you could make it your first stop getting off the plane. At 34 metres (112 ft) it is the tallest seated bronze Buddha in the world and has gained status as a popular Hong Kong tourist spot as well as being well-visited as a place of worship.

Perhaps it can help a weary traveller find inner peace? The statue is a little bit out of the way, although the Ngong Ping 360 is a nice way to get there. Some of the tour buses try to justify this slightly long trip by throwing in the village of Tai O. This is a traditional fishing village, and reportedly also an old smuggler nest! It has also been engaged in the fascinating business of manually harvesting sea salt, a practice that you can learn more about at one of the Hong Kong museums.

Personally, I wouldn’t rate this among the best Hong Kong tourist attractions, but this type of place can be interesting to visit if you want to get some sense of what Hong Kong was like before the British, and perhaps even of what some rural parts of China look like today.